The Healthcare Environment in the Philadelphia Region
Our 5-county region is home to over 30% of the state's population as well as a large and diverse collection of teaching hospitals, acute care facilities, emergency rooms, and other health care providers.
Focus on Improving Healthcare Outcomes
Among the many benefits of a health information exchange is improved outcomes for patients. The information sharing enabled by HealthShare Exchange will improve care delivery for everyone in the Southeastern Pennsylvania region.
What is a Health Information Exchange?
HIE's enable doctors, hospitals, clinics, and health insurance companies to share information securely, increasing care quality while decreasing costs. Find out about the technology and processes that enable this sharing of information.
Welcome From Our Chair and Vice Chair

“Welcome to the website of the HealthShare Exchange of Southeastern Pennsylvania, Inc. We're excited by the opportunities this new organization represents. Providers, health plans and other health care entities have come together to improve patient outcomes, enable better care coordination, and reduce healthcare costs in the five-county region.”

Latest News & Updates

HSX Presents Exchange Overview at Hahnemann Event
HSX reviewed its mission, activities, and plans with the physician staff of Hahnemann University Hospital at an evening dinner meeting at Hahnemann on July 30, 2014. 
August 18

Lupinetti and Snyder Present at PA eHealth
At the invitation of the PA eHealth Partnership Authority, Marty Lupinetti, Executive Director of HealthShare Exchange of Pennsylvania (HSX), and Richard Snyder, MD, HSX’s board chair, gave the authority board an overview of and update on the status and future of HSX. 
August 12

Lupinetti Assumes Board Role for DVHIMSS
On July 9th, 2014 HealthShare Exchange’s Executive Director, Martin Lupinetti undertook his new role as a member of the board of directors for the Delaware Valley Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (DVHIMSS). 
August 12